Q: What is EnCue?

EnCue is a mobile app that enhances audience engagement during live performing arts events. The app delivers media to viewers in real time, creating a unique opportunity for viewers to receive helpful information at the exact moment you need it during live events. 

Q: Do I need an internet connection? 

EnCue requires a connection to the internet during performances via Wi-Fi or cellular. 

Q: Does it use a lot of data?

EnCue performance media requires very little data usage, with total downloads averaging between 1 and 5 megabytes per piece performed. For perspective, most data plans are measured in gigabytes (1 gb = 1000 mb)

Q: Does EnCue connect to social media?

EnCue enables you to share content through your Facebook account. 

Q: Is EnCue distracting during performances?

Through testing with people like you over the past 6 years, EnCue developed Custom Dark Screen Technology ™ and Glance- Optimized Media™ that reduces the glare from your screen. As a result, both users and non-users comfortably use EnCue without distraction. 

Q: Will EnCue work on my phone?

Users must have a smartphone with internet connectivity (via Wi-Fi or cellular) in order to use EnCue. Currently, EnCue supports both iOS6 and above and Android devices running OS version 4.4 (KitKat). 

Q: EnCue Best Practices

Auto screen lock (security setting)
Screen saver/sleep mode (display setting)
Push notifications 

Volume/ringers (audio settings)
Text and app alerts (audio settings) 

Power all mobile devices before attending an EnCue-enabled live event.