EnCue is a new level of live concert
audience engagement.


EnCue is a simple-to-use, audience-engaging app.

During a performance, EnCue delivers commentary about the music and musicians when you believe the time is right. EnCue enhances the performance and forges an emotional bond with your audience and the performers. 


Use your own content
or use ours.

Develop custom text, images, and links or choose from over 30 of our pre-configured standard orchestra pieces. You can even use our content to create and test your own template before you purchase it. Everything can be created and tested before you purchase. 


Try EnCue whenever you want with no commitment.  

Use EnCue with any of your audiences for a simple flat fee of $300 per piece/per concert. You only pay when you use EnCue. There are no binding subscription fees, and EnCue offers season-long pricing.

“I have seen many misguided and reactionary attempts to change the classical music experience in order to attract and engage more audience members. The opportunity is about the entire experience and making it more individual and personalized—and the EnCue system allows us to close that gap. Our musicians and composers are able to speak to the audience in the precise moment of a performance and authentically engage them further in our musical conversation.”
— Alecia Lawyer, Founder/Artistic Director, River Oaks Chamber Orchestra
“I’m a bit of a purist about the concert experience and was skeptical about using Octava. To my surprise, I found that Octava’s design and real-time delivery of content encouraged more active listening throughout the performance and kept me focused on the music. It was the opposite of distracting.”
— Tiffany Lundquist, Director of Marketing, Peabody Institute
“I have used Octava, now EnCue, for the past 3 seasons at the National Orchestral Institute. Linda and Eric have created a manner of concert engagement unlike anything currently in the marketplace. While other apps focus on offering discount coupons or aggregate every piece of digital information about the music or the composer at nauseam, EnCue offers a truly authentic and genuine method for creating an emotional bond between the performers and audience members. In an industry built on decades of standard practices becoming the status quo, EnCue has the potential of being revolutionary in the manner we engage our audiences”
— Richard Scerbo, Artistic Director, National Orchestral Institute

It's like having Beethoven whisper
in your ear.