How EnCue Works

EnCue can play a part in bringing classical concert performances alive to broader audiences and give people new and innovative ways to enjoy, learn about, and share the classical concert experience. The EnCue System's ease of operation and flexible usage fees allow performing arts venues to try the technology and then expand as audiences or thematic programming demands.


EnCue-Opus online interface allows concert directors to add their own digital content and control delivery of that content during a live performance. Adding images and text is as easy as drag and drop. There are plenty of options for customizing the look and feel to specific audiences. 


EnCue-Opus also offers more than 30 (and growing) templates for standard orchestral pieces. These templates can be used as is or as a  guide for developing your own EnCue presentation. 


Once the presentation is complete, EnCue-Opus allows you to share with a test group to get feedback and approvals before going live. Presentations are saved to your account to be used again or as a template for new presentations. 


Content can also be made available to attendees after the show for a pre-determined period of time or to season subscribers prior to a performance. 


EnCue-Opus: The Proprietary Content Management System